Prayer Points


1) Praise God for the May/June/July Stats

Praise God for:

May/June/July 2019 New Groups:    249
2019 Total New Groups (YTD):           526  
May/June/July New Baptisms:         1436
2019 Total Baptisms (YTD):               2882
Total Baptism by Tribes YTD: Gonja (574), Konkomba (149), Chokosi (142), Gurma (25), Dagomba (276), Mamprusi (92), Baasare (8), Dagati (375), Fulani (89), Sissala (49), Ewe (56), Kotokoli (8), Bimoba (21), Gao (24), Hanga (11), Deg (77), Fante (65), Pantra (67), Banda (56), Vagla (46), FraFra (8), Zarma (1), Hausa (9), Wala (71), Kamara (20), Tura (104), Jula (39), Moshi (7), Moore (3), Lobi (11), Yakouba (40), Bawule (7), Sinufo (59), Wobe (7), Malinke (10), Misc. (42), Dag-Wol (40), Kusasi (22), Twi (5), Nafaanra (2), Bono (4), Gbelese (4), Atie (16), Anufo (3), Bozo (1), Kulango (4), NFanti (135), Bambara (3), Bete (9), Gurunsi (3), Zambarma (4), Ligbi (3), Ofutu (18)
The Buipe & Cote d'Ivoire DMM network stats
  1,940 house churches meeting weekly
12,000 combined attendance average every week.
 2015 -   321
 2016 -  422
 2017 - 1650
2018 - 3511
2019 - 2882 (through July)
8,786 baptism in the last 4 1/2 years.
That is something to really praise God about! 
God truly wants this more than we do and is moving in extraordinary ways!

2) Praise God for Isaac's safe journey to Nigeria

Praise God Isaac's trip to Nigeria, where he MAWLed (Modeled, Assisted, Watched and Left) two young men he trained in his first trip there. He assisted and watched these two train 34 new recruits so that when he left they were ready to train others in Nigeria. He also took the two through module 2 training so they could become national leaders of a future movement.  

3) Praise God for Moses' safe trip to Benin

Moses, along with a man from his Buipe Disciple Making Movement (DMM) and whose home country is Benin, traveled there to launch a DMM. Moses MAWLed this man how to begin new DMMs in Benin. Please click here to read Moses' report about the trip that gives you a better understanding how DMMs begin. It is a long read but well worth your time.

4) Praise God that Isaac and Moses' are coaching and/or training in 12 different African countries now

In 2019 God has opened up 8 additional countries where Isaac and Moses are coaching DMMs. Countries to pray for:

Ghana - recruiting section and subsection leaders in
Cote d'Ivoire
Nigeria - Isaac is there now.
Burkina Faso - Moses will do 90 followup visit in
Togo - Moses will go in September
Benin - Moses is there now
The Gambia - Isaac will go to in October

The African bush fires are beginning to consume. 

5) The Odle Family

Praise God that the Odle family has returned from their successful furlough in the US. We greeted them at the airport and after they rest we look forward to catching up with them how things went.

6) The Graham Family

Praise God the Graham family continue to oversee the work at the Perm Center as well as oversee three young DMMers. Joshua is getting ready to move to Togo, where a bulk of his tribe, the Chokossi live to begin a DMM among them. He plans on living there for several months until he has a movement started and then follow up on them as needed. We also praise God for allowing them to secure a good used vehicle because their original truck is beginning to become less dependable. Africa has a way of doing that to trucks.

7) Praise God for the ministry of the Tamale studio

Currently we are making some improvements on the video studio that the trainer from Good News Productions in Nairobi, Kenya recommended. It will involve improving the lights, sound proofing of the room as well as purchasing an additional computer and software so we will be ready for additional training from Isaac. The studio has proven to be a very strategic part of what we do because of the high percentage of people that cannot read and write. The ability to record tools in mother-tongue languages gives many access to the gospel for the very first time. 

8) Moses and Isaac’s housing

We praise God for providing the funds to build two houses in Buipe with access to clean water and a much safer environment for Isaac and Moses. The building is progressing and a trusted friend is overseeing the process.

9) The market Media Center opening is coming soon

Amy has overseen the construction of a small room at the Buipe market and is training volunteers from various churches to make audio and video tools available in mother-tongue languages to the people who come to market each week. The volunteers are being trained and we are praying that many discipleship opportunities will result from this outreach.

10) Praise God the Zume Disciple Making Movements training is completed

We are hearing through Whats App of some are implementing what they learned. They turned in their 90 day plans. Others plan on implementing next year.

11) Praise God national leaders have been established in Cote d'Ivoire and Nigeria.

We now have two national leaders set up to carry on overseeing the groups and expanding the network in Cote d'Ivoire and northern Nigeria. Bank accounts have been set up, purchasing each a motorbike and providing expenses for gas and food for their travels have been arranged. We praise God. This is no small feat. 

12) Praise God the month of August will focus on recruiting additional leaders to oversee the Buipe network

Isaac and Moses are dedicating the month of August to visit leaders overseeing the Buipe DMM to recruit additional section, sub-section and village leaders. We are trying to have leaders overseeing leaders of 10 house churches. Those leaders will help cast the vision for each house church to collect one offering a month to help support the DMM's continued expansion. This brings them one step closer to financial sustainability.

13) Praise God for the team from Zimbabwe that has launched a DMM

I love it when we see those willing to implement what they have learned and have fruit of multi-generational growth to show for it. 

14) Praise God for the effective oral tools that gives everyone access to the gospel

Praise God for Whats App, phones, tablets and email that make it possible for DMMs to be launched in spite of the fact that 80% of the people in the villages cannot read or write. We truly live in an amazing time.

15) Praise God our son is getting married

Jonathan and Emily have been dating for quite some time now and they have announced their intentions of getting married on September 20th. Naturally, that means we will be returning a little early to the US this year to enjoy the festivities. Due to the high cost of travel from Africa to the US we have decided to stay through ICOM and the many meetings with friend and supporters. So if you would like to see us  please contact us.

Also we praise God Jonathan, our son, has accepted a Project Manager position in the San Jose, California area and will be moving there a few weeks after his wedding. 

16) Praise God for our prayer and financial partners for making this possible

Empowering Isaac and Moses along with others from the networks of DMM to travel to many places and equip others to do what God has enable them to do (DMMs) would not be possible if senders like you had not given sacrificially to make it happen. We love you and thank you.

Aug-Nov 2019 New Groups


Aug-Nov 2019 Baptisms (New)


New 2019 Groups (YTD)


2019 Total Baptisms (New)


Total Tribes (YTD)

  • Gonja


  • Ewe


  • Gao


  • Fante


  • Dagomba


  • Baasare


  • Dagati


  • Wobe


  • Konkomba


  • Deg


  • Kamara


  • Bimoba


  • Pantra


  • Kulongo


  • Unknown


  • Hausa


  • Bambara


  • Zambarma


  • Kotokoli


  • Mamprusi


  • Jula


  • Moore


  • Moshi


  • Kusasi


  • Sissila


  • Toura


  • Zerma


  • Wala


  • Sinufo


  • Bono


  • Nafaanra


  • Vagla


  • Dag-Wol


  • Malinke


  • Bete


  • Ligbi


  • Bawule


  • Nfanti


  • FraFra


  • Yakouba


  • Gbelese


  • Bozo


  • Lobi


  • Chokossi


  • Fulani


  • Banda


  • Owe


  • Anufo/Andor


  • Atie


  • Twi


  • Hanga


  • Gurma


  • Gurunsi


  • Ofutu



1) Please pray that those who accept Christ become reproducing disciples.

Please pray for those that will multiply disciples. These Disciple Making Movements (DMMs) have been built in a discipleship environment where everyone who accepts Christ and is baptized and who attends a group is expected to learn how to make disciples that make disciples. Also please pray that the network of discipleship groups become financially self-sufficient in all the countries. This month pray especially hard for the Buipe DMM network as they recruit more section, sub-section and village leaders to oversee the groups and begin gathering a monthly offering to begin paying for their own expenses.

2) Please pray for the Cote d’Ivoire and Nigerian DMM Networks and Leaders

We have been busy setting up two key leaders with motorcycles and daily expense money to followup on existing groups and continue birthing new groups in Cote d'Ivoire and just recently we started doing the same with key leaders from Nigeria. 

3) Please pray for a Nigeria DMM

Please pray for the key national leaders Isaac MAWLed. Pray that they will successfully recruit and train many others to multiply DMMs not only in their country but surrounding countries. Please pray for the 34 new trainees that they will implement what they learned and multiply to a fruitful DMM in a very difficult part of the world. Many are dying needlessly daily because of Boko Haram's senseless killings of defenseless human beings. Boko Haram needs the Lord as well. 

4) Please pray for a DMM to begin in Benin

Please pray for the People Of Peace (POPs) Moses and one of his DMM leaders from Benin found while in Benin. It is a long but successful trip. Read about here

5) Please pray for those trained in Burkina Faso

Moses has been hearing via email and Whats App that some of the trainees are implementing their 90 day plans. This is the group that had to move their training when Boko Haram entered the town where the training was taking place and killed 16 people. Please pray for their safety and success as they begin a DMM and pray for the correct timing for Moses to return and train the implementers how to train others.

6) Please pray for those trained in Savelegu

Savelegu is a village north of Tamale where Moses, Joshua and Osman trained and will be following up soon on those who are implementing the training. Pray that implementers there will be MAWLed how to train others and DMMs we be started among unreached tribes in northern Ghana.

7) Please pray that the Buipe DMM would become financially sustainable

Please pray for multiplication of leaders and discipleship groups and that will result in the Buipe network becoming self-sustained financially. We need many more section and sub-section leaders to sustain the movement. The month of August has been set aside from traveling in order to focus on recruiting more leaders in the Buipe network. Please pray for safe travels for Isaac and Moses as they visit the groups and recruit and train new leaders.

8) Please pray for Isaac and Moses as they coach DMMs in 12 African countries

Praise God for Whats App, phones, tablets and email that make it possible to keep in touch with those from other countries. Pray for Isaac and Moses as they juggle their time following up and coaching those under their care while traveling to many African countries.


7) International DMM's prayer needs

Please pray for Isaac and Moses as they continue to correspond with those from other countries.

Cote d'Ivoire - national leader in the north and one in the south. Pray that they will step up and develop into great national leaders overseeing the network there. Much progress has been made.

Nigeria - Please pray for the national leaders that now will begin training other Nigerians. Pray for safety in the very dangerous area that they live with Boko Haram. Pray for them as they mentor those that ride with them on the motorbike how to launch DMMs.

Zimbabwe - Please pray that they grow a DMM that starts fires in many surrounding countries. Zimbabwe is a very difficult country in which to launch DMMs. The western minded churches seem to resist DMMs because many times they are not connected with a denomination. Denominations want all offerings to go to their denominational church therefore making it very difficult to sustain a movement financially.

Burkina Faso - Please pray that those trained will successfully navigate the dangerous environment that will result in DMMs spreading through Burkina Faso. Pray for them as they implement their 90 plans and Moses followup in October.

Togo - Please pray Moses as he plans a trip to go and locate People Of Peace and birth a movement there.

Benin - Please pray for the People Of Peace located there and the new disciples. Pray that they will implement what they learned to start other groups allowing a DMM to birth there as well.

Ghana - Pray that the section and sub-section leaders needed will be recruited to coach the network and obtain financial sustainability, especially the month of August that has been dedicated to the end.

The Gambia - Please pray for the October trip that is being planned now.

Kenya - Please pray for the Strategy Coordinators meeting that Isaac has been invited to again this year. Please pray that it will be a great success.

Mozambique - Pray for Isaac as he coaches DMMers via Whats App, phone and email.

Mauritania - Pray for Isaac as he coaches DMMers there via Whats App, phone and email. He will probably travel there early in 2020.

Uganda -Pray for Isaac as he coaches DMMers via Whats App, phone and email.

8) Please pray for health - a constant prayer need

We struggle with episodes of malaria and a variety of local illness from time to time. Please also pray for God's protection for the DMMers as they ride on their motorcycles to various remote areas. Pray against discouragement. The guys are all volunteers, we only help by providing a motorbike, gas, maintenance and daily food expenses. I love their dedication, but I'm sure Satan tempts them in a variety of ways.

9) The Odle Family

Please pray for the Odle family as they recoup from their long travel back and get situated in. It is always difficult saying good-bye to friends and family. 

10) Bobby and Mandy

Please pray for Bobby and Mandy as they help with DMM groups and lead community development ideas.  Especially pray for Obed, Joshua and Bright, DMM leaders they work with. Joshua especially who is making plans to move to Togo to work among the Chokossi, his family tribe. They are a very unreached with the gospel.

Also please pray for Mandy's mother who will be having a double lung transplant soon. Money has been raised and a care-team is being recruited. Please pray for logistics. The Grahams will return for the surgery and Mandy and the kids plan on staying for six months to help her mom with the recovery.

The doctors also discovered a blockage in her heart that they are planning on doing in the same operation.

Pray that all of this will work in conjunction with our return to the US in September for our son's wedding and two months of visiting supporters, family and friends.

11) Zume Training in Tamale is completed

Please pray that the video based literate Disciple Making Movement training called ZUME will be implemented by those who wrote a 90 day plan. ZUME is a professional video series showing people how to make disciples that make disciples. Please pray that these learners in the Tamale will get excited about making disciples. 

12) Please pray for the Market Media Center's opening

Volunteers are being recruited and trained to staff a media center in the Buipe market each Monday to hand out audio and video Bible tools. Pray that many will come to know Christ through this outreach.

13. Please pray the construction of Isaac and Moses' houses.

Please pray for safety of those who build houses for Isaac and Moses. It is very important that we get it constructed and the two families moved in a quickly as possible for their safety. The more success they have with DMM more Muslims are becoming annoyed by their success.