Prayer Points


1) Praise God for 2020 Stats

Praise God for:

January 2020 New Groups: 268
2020 Total New Groups (YTD): 268  
January 2020 New Baptisms: 612
2020 Total Baptisms (YTD): 612
Total Baptisms by tribe YTD 2020: Dagati (121), Mossi (6), Sissala (9), Lobi (8), Gurunshi (14), Wala (39), Senufo (4), Pantara (8), Banda (8), Deg (7), Chokossi (18), Gonja (66), Ewe (6), Dagomba (58), Mamprusi (50), Kusasi (18), Hausa (5), Kamara (11), Fulani (17), Bimoba (13), Gao (12), Konkomba (5), Fanti (41), Dag-Wol (20), Fon (17), Dadawa (5), Lukpa (5), Cabe (8), Vago (8)
DMM Stat breakdown by Country

Buipe Network
     New Groups  79
     Baptisms 511
Benin Network
     New Groups  60
     Baptisms  49
Burkina Faso Network
     New Groups  68
     Baptisms  52
Cote d'Ivoire Network*
     New Groups
Gambia Network
     New Groups 13
Togo Network
     New Groups  5
     New Groups 43
* Reports not received yet received
Zimbabwe Team trained by us doing well
New Niger training went well, Guinea work begun

2,622 house churches meeting weekly
16,446 combined attendance average every week.
 2015 -   321
 2016 -  422
 2017 - 1650
2018 - 3511
2019 - 5617
2020 - 612
12,133 baptism since January 2015
That is something to really praise God about! 
God truly wants this more than we do and is moving in extraordinary ways!

2) Praise God for Isaac's DMM training in Zimbabwe

Praise God Isaac's trip to Zimbabwe went well. It was a cooperation between BigLife (a sister DMM Ministry) and integrated DMM principles with sports ministry.

3) Praise God Isaac and Moses' research trip to Guinea went well

It was a very difficult trip due to the road conditions. But God blessed the trip with discovering potential people of peace and potential leadership team people. Our next plan is for Isaac and Moses to return in April and hold a Disciple Making Movement training with potential leaders and MAWL (Model, Assist, Watch & Launch) with them in villages. Pray that the training, MAWLing and 90 day implementation plan will reveal who the leaders will be. Please continue to pray for discovering new "people of peace" (POP) and further cultivating of those that were discovered on the first trip. The roads were dirt roads which means when the rains begin it will be much harder making a full days drive much longer and harder.

4) Praise God that Isaac and Moses' are coaching and/or training in 12 different African countries now

Countries to pray for:

Ghana - the year of financial sustainability
Cote d'Ivoire
Niger - training just completed - Pray for implementers
Nigeria - 3 country leaders busy at work
Zimbabwe - the team is doing great
Burkina Faso - a network is beginning to form
Benin - a network is beginning to form
The Gambia - pray for leader there
Mali - plans to visit in 2020
Mauritania - plans to visit in 2020
Guinea - great first visit, pray for followup visit in April

The African bush fires are beginning to consume the West Africa. 

5) The Odle Family

Praise God that the Odle family. Jared continues to work on Business As Missions ventures while Anna distributes school books and tutoring in a Tamale school. Jared has returned from his trip to the US and has entertained visitors recently from the US. 

6) The Graham Family

Praise God the Graham family. Bobby and Mandy are updating their supporters and trying to recruit additional partners and attend their oldest daughter's graduation before return back to Ghana in May. Mandy's mom is doing better. Please pray that the transition from Mandy providing care for her mom and dad will transition smoothly to them being well enough to care for themselves.

Lots of things to pray.

7) Praise God for the ministry of the Tamale studio

Thanks to the generous donation of a long time friend the improvements on the video studio that the trainer from Good News Productions in Nairobi, Kenya recommended have been mostly completed. We have one more shipment of barrels full of more supplies and equipment and things will be set for another training from Good News Production. It is scheduled to arrive March 24th. The studio has proven to be a very strategic part of what we do because of the high percentage of people that cannot read and write. The ability to record tools in mother-tongue languages gives many access to the gospel for the very first time. The studio has been making scripture apps that marry the audio recording of scripture with the print translation in mother-tongue languages. We can put them on phones which allows them to listen to the Bible in their own language. 

8) Praise God for those implementing the Zume Discipleship Training

We have been following up on those that are implementing. It is always exciting witnessing the launch of new groups -

You can also access the Zume app for your phone or computer at:

9) Praise God the year of financial sustainability has begun

Please pray as the groups begin giving one free-will offering every month that the Buipe movement will begin financially sustaining itself and expanding to other countries in Africa.

10) Praise God for our prayer and financial partners for making this possible

Empowering Isaac and Moses along with others from the networks of DMM to travel to many places and equip others to do what God has enable them to do (DMMs) would not be possible if senders like you had not given sacrificially to make it happen. We love you and thank you.


11) Praise God for Media2Movements online class we and the studio techs are taking

We have completed the Media2Movements online course designed to help us think in "out of the box" ways to use media and internet to reach unbelievers with the gospel and make disciples. 

January 2020 New Groups


January 2020 Baptisms (New)


New 2020 Groups (YTD)


2020 Total Baptisms (New)


Total Tribes (YTD)

  • Gonja


  • Ewe


  • Gao


  • Fante


  • Dagomba


  • Baasare


  • Dagati


  • Wobe


  • Konkomba


  • Deg


  • Kamara


  • Bimoba


  • Pantra


  • Kulongo


  • Unknown


  • Hausa


  • Vago - Benin


  • Cabe - Benin


  • Lukpa - Benin


  • Kotokoli


  • Mamprusi


  • Jula


  • Mossi


  • Kusasi


  • Sissila


  • Toura


  • Zerma


  • Wala


  • Sinufo


  • Bono


  • Nafaanra


  • Vagla


  • Dag-Wol


  • Malinke


  • Bete


  • Ligbi


  • Bawule


  • FraFra


  • Yakouba


  • Gbelese


  • Bozo


  • Lobi


  • Chokossi


  • Fulani


  • Banda


  • Owe


  • Atie


  • Gurunshi


  • Hanga


  • Gurma


  • Fon - Benin


  • Dadawa - Benin



1) Please pray that those who accept Christ become reproducing disciples.

Please pray for those who are multiplying disciples. The Buipe Disciple Making Movement (DMM) is multiplying very rapidly. Pray that this continues to accelerate. This year we will expand from 8 segments of Gonjaland to all 12 segments. Leaders have been mentored and ready but finances for motorcycles, petrol and food expense for them to go are still needed. This highlights the importance of the year of self-sustainability. If the groups begin paying through once a month free-will offerings from the groups. they can begin paying for their own motorbikes, petrol and expenses then it will continue no matter if we are here or not.

2) Please pray for the Cote d’Ivoire Leaders

We have two country leaders in Cote d'Ivoire. One of the leader was hit by a car but praise God has healed from a broken leg and is back working with the movement there. 

3) Please pray for a Nigeria DMM

Please pray especially for the three country leaders there. Please keep praying for 4 Fulani DMMers that were kidnapped and are being held for ransom have been released unharmed. Praise God for this huge answer to prayer.

Also this team has recently traveled to Niger to do a DMM training there. Please pray for for the trainees to begin implementing what they learned at the training.

4) Please pray for the DMM in Benin

Moses has been to Benin twice now and praise God already is seeing multiple streams some up to the 9th generational growth. PTL!

5) Please pray for the DMMers in Burkina Faso

Moses has been to Burkina Faso a couple of times is reporting streams of 4th and 5th generational growth. Of course Burkina Faso is also attacked regularly by Boko Haram. So please pray for the DMMers as they share the Lord and bring transformation to Burkina Faso.

6) Please pray for 2020 to be the year of financially sustainability

Leaders have been recruited and trained. A financial sustainability plan has been clarified. Quarterly offering goals have been set for 2020. One free-will offering will be collected each month through mobile money. Pray that the team overseeing the mobile money account will make sure the offerings given for the expansion of the Buipe movement are used for that alone and not reallocated for other things.

7) Please pray for Isaac and Moses as they coach DMMs in 10 African countries

Praise God for Whats App, phones, tablets and email that make it possible to keep in touch with those from other countries. Pray for DMM leaders as they juggle their time following up and coaching those under their care while traveling to many African countries.

Isaac just returned from Zimbabwe

Isaac and Moses had a successful research trip to Guinea. Return trip planned for April.

Moses will be going to Togo as well as continue coaching DMMers in Benin and Burkina Faso and Mali.

Isaac has plans to travel to Mauritania later in the year to coach workers there and continue coaching DMMers in Cote d'Ivoire.

Implementers from our Gambia training shows signs of several streams of multigenerational growth.

Our Nigerian team is just wrapping up a DMM training in Niger.

Additional leaders have been mentored to have DMM workers in all 12 Gonjaland segments in Ghana.

8) Please pray for health - a constant prayer need

Please pray for God's protection for the DMMers as they ride on their motorcycles to various remote areas. Pray against discouragement. The guys are all volunteers, we only help by providing a motorbike, gas, maintenance and daily food expenses. I love their dedication, but I'm sure Satan tempts them in a variety of ways.

Also pray for our overall health.

9) The Odle Family

Please pray for the Odle family as they work in Business As Missions and encourage local schools with books and tutoring.

10) Bobby and Mandy

Please pray for Bobby and Mandy as they transition out of full time caring for Mandy's parents to visiting mission partners, raising some new support and preparing for the return to Ghana.

11. Please pray about the construction of Isaac and Moses' houses.

Through generous donations we have been able to hire a team of workers to finish the two houses enough for Isaac and Moses to move to their houses. Pray for safety as they will be working on it soon.