Prayer Points


From February, 2015 to date:

Baptisms: 21,341

New Discipleship Groups: 4,459

Total Weekly Attendance: 28,983

Praise God for protecting us from Covid.

Praise God that those with Malaria, Typhoid and Harmattan lung infections are doing well. 

Praise God for protecting us in a poverty culture where inflation has made the already desperately poor even poorer. Gas has tripled impacting everything coming to market.

Moses - Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Niger and Mali

Isaac - Guinea and Gambia as well as assisting another Disciple Making Movement organization with their leaders in West African.

Kassim - Country Leader in Sierra Leone

Pepeh & Andrew - Country leaders in Nigeria

Abraham - Country leaders in Cote d'ivoire

Isaac and Moses - leading what God is doing in Ghana

Our last E-News, link above, will give you another link to his graduation and a picture at a local celebration we did here in Buipe.

We praise God for the opportunity of partnering with Frank Schattner who has put a wonderful 65 week curriculum together to help train people how to do Disciple Making Movements (DMMs). You can read more about it on their website: We are one of the first cohorts to test out the course and Isaac was one of three of the first graduates. It has been a very enlightening course. Thank you Amy for leading cohorts for Africans.

Recently Isaac attended a Disciple Making Movement Catalyst Camp in Nairobi, Kenya. He has already been asked to speak at next year's camp.

Recently he was invited to the US for Finishing The Task (FTT) meeting. He is one of a few invited. We are praying that will open up more doors for him to coordinate what DMM work is already being done in Africa so he can focus on African countries without DMM bushfires. Pray that his Visa is approved to go.

Amy and I have been coaching people on how to use the online Zume Discipleship Training course. We have been coaching people from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique,Tanzania and Sierra Leone. Several are implementing what they have learned and movements are beginning. PTL! 

Praise God that when we return to the US we will be able to operate remotely staying connected with Isaac and Moses, the guys at the studio and Bobby and Mandy back at the Perm Center to help with the transition.

Because of your faithful partnership both financially and prayerfully the DMMs have continued to multiply disciples and the Ghana movement has ignited DMM bushfires in many other African countries as well. Our goal is to ignite the whole continent on fire with DMMs and that Africans would finish the great commission in our lifetime. God deserves nothing less.

Recently another Disciple Making Movement organization (Big Life) has partnered with us by paying for airline flights for Isaac to Gambia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Also Team Expansion has begun partnering with us financially as well. That has been a tremendous blessing.

Audio and video story collections continue to be made in multiple languages. 

Bible apps continue to be developed in multiple northern region languages.

The guys are beginning to do more and more for profit jobs to help pay for their monthly salaries.

They have been working on content videos for us to use in our Media2DMM campaigns.

We have begun being a Nomad Team for Good News Productions, International and are in the process of recording things for TWR Trans World Radio.

Extraordinary prayer is a common factor among all DMMs so our team has been working hard at setting up a prayer page for Ghana. Here is the link. Check it out.

Praise God that recently a Facebook error was discovered that has really allowed us to interact with many more responses from our Media2Movement Facebook ads. We have discovered both those who would like to be coached in Zume as well those who are interested in being added to 3/3rds discipleship groups. Leaders in our DMM network are beginning to plug them in.

Anyone need to see a recent picture of our beautiful granddaughter?

Both are prayer walking and using the Zume tools to make disciples.

Both are helping Bobby with a lot of development projects.

Gloria is wonderful with computers and has been a great help to Amy and her work with Media2Movements.

Both are eager to learn very enjoyable to be with.

Recently we went to the Mole game preserve and Hannah share this video afterwards. Thought you would enjoy it.

Gloria is on the left and Hannah is on the right.


People have been trained and/or have had follow up training in Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Niger, Mali, Gambia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Please pray that they become Disciple Making Movement implementers. 

For those that Amy and I are coaching through the online Zume Discipleship Training pray that they will also figure out how to implement the training and make many multiplying disciples.

I have begun to group people that I am coaching in the same country together in a WhatsApp group and encouraging them to meet together for strategizing and encouragement. Pray that the group of 7 in Uganda begin to work together.

I would like to send Isaac there to MAWL (Model, Assist, Watch and Leave) DMM implementers in various countries.

Please pray for these DMM leaders to break the chains of the culture and become true men of moral character, humility and vision.

I think it is good that we will be returning to the US and operating remotely largely to be closer to good medical assistance. I need to be seeing a Nephrologist (kidney Doctor) plus my knees are causing me much pain. I hope some more shots will help or possibly knee surgery. 

Malaria, Typhoid and the ever spreading Covid virus are a continued threat to the spread of DMM movements, not to mention the threat from colds, flu's and robberies. High inflation in a poverty culture pushes even more people to violent measures.

Chieftaincy disputes continue, usually over land. Please pray for peace in the land and world.

Please pray for me (Terry) dealing with Covid when I return. My son, daughter-in-law and daughter have all had it recently in spite of being fully vaccinated and boosted. 

God wants the great commission fulfilled more than we do and He has all knowledge, power and wisdom so please pray that we have eyes to see and ears to hear to where He wants us to go next.

Help us learn what African countries DMM bushfires have already been ignited and focus on those countries that still do not have access to the gospel.

The need wisdom to identify new DMM country leaders and God's provision of the resources for motorbikes and expenses they will need to oversee and expand the movements into other African countries.

We have been talking a lot lately concerning financial sustainability. Decisions for current segment leaders that have a network of DMM coaches within walking distance of each other have agreed to let their motorbikes be used by new pioneer leaders ready to go to new unreached areas in Ghana. 

Ghanaians in the DMM network recently raised money through house church networks to buy 2 new motorbikes. 

Amy will continue her work training Africans with Fidelis with the goal that Africans will in the near future be cohort leaders for other Africans. This is a tremendous tool God has connected with to poor into those who understand English well enough to complete the assignments. It has already paid deep dividends in firmly developing a Biblical world view in the lives of those that have taken it. One of the Fidelis cohorts has recently finished with Isaac completing the work.being one of the first three graduates. Amy is leading two other cohorts and hopes to continue once we are in the US. Everything is done with Zoom and WhatsApp.

Amy and I both will continue being Zume coaches for people all over the world, primarily Africa. One good thing that came out of Covid is introducing people to tools that allow them to work remotely.

Amy and Gloria (one of interns) will remotely continue reaching out with Media2Movement campaigns. Amy is spending a least 2 hours a night chatting back and forth with people who are interested what it means to be a disciple. This tool could also be used to target areas of the US as well.

Much of my (Terry) focus will be directed at connecting Isaac to other DMM catalysts so they can collaborate how to finish the great commission in our generation.

God has already connected us with Big Life in Africa, No Place Left and recently Isaac was invited to a very small select group of leaders to attend a Finish The Task (FTT) meeting in the US in October. Amy and I will attend a 2414 conference in October in Texas. God has raised all of these organizations up to finish His great commission in our generation. Please pray it will happen. God deserves nothing less! Wouldn't it be great that after 2000+ years the church will finally obey and fulfill the great commission - Matthew 28.

If the Visa needed goes through for Isaac to travel to the US (please pray diligently about this) we are making plans to fly Isaac to New Albany for Northside Christian Church's missions emphasis weekend and possibly attend ICOM with us.

Of course we can continue meeting with Isaac to coach through the transition and the Tamale studio to continue coaching them as well.

Our prayer is that you, our faithful supporters will continue supporting us so we can ease the pain of transitioning to sustainability. I know they will still need help over the next few years as they become truly sustainable.

The number of projects have been going well. But the income from those projects have not been enough to pay for salaries, replace worn out equipment and become financially sustainable.

Please pray as they transition into being a Nomad team for Good News Productions, Intl. Pray that this partnership will not only produce many more wonderful oral tools but also improve their quality and skills that will enable them to earn more from their projects.

With the help of great coaches and financial sponsors Amy has been working on Facebook ad campaigns that would allow us to identify interested Ghanaians to plug into discipleship groups. 

It is working. For Christians we offer Zume discipleship training and for seekers willing to take the next steps of becoming a part of a spiritual family (small house church) we get them connected in a group.

Isaac was a part of the first Fidelis Project cohort and was one of three of the first graduates with a Master's of Arts in Theology & Public Policy Fidelis Program MN,PP,SF,DMM,PW.

See a short 15 minute video of Isaac's graduation and picture of him in his hat and gown at the following link.

Please pray for two other cohorts working through the process now. Also pray that Ghanaian will begin to become Fidelis Project cohort leaders.

Those taking this course love it and are really excited about what they are learning but find it difficult keeping up.


If you would like to pray for Ghana please visit the following link.

Total Tribes We Are Reaching

  • Gonja

  • Ewe

  • Gao

  • Fante

  • Dagomba

  • Baasare

  • Dagati

  • Wobe

  • Konkomba

  • Deg

  • Kamara

  • Bimoba

  • Pantra

  • Kulongo

  • Hausa

  • Vago - Benin

  • Cabe - Benin

  • Lukpa - Benin

  • Deof - Benin

  • Lama

  • Bambara

  • Kotokoli

  • Mamprusi

  • Jula

  • Mossi

  • Kusasi

  • Sissila

  • Toura

  • Zerma

  • Wala

  • Sinufo

  • Bono

  • Nafaanra

  • Vagla

  • Dag-Wol

  • Malinke

  • Bete

  • Ligbi

  • Tampulma

  • Twi

  • Nago Ede-Benin

  • Yorba

  • Waama

  • Bawule

  • FraFra

  • Yakouba

  • Gbelese

  • Bozo

  • Lobi

  • Chokossi

  • Fulani

  • Banda

  • Owe

  • Atie

  • Gurunshi

  • Hanga

  • Gurma

  • Fon - Benin

  • Dadawa - Benin

  • Talansi

  • Gbe Ayizo-Benin

  • Ga Amina-Benin

  • Bobo Fing

  • Anyi


Goal - Great Commission Finished by 2025