Glorifying the great “I AM” by joining Him in reaching unreached people groups through Disciple Making Movements (DMM's).


To ignite Disciple Making Movement bushfires in every African country and Africans finishing the great commission in this generation.


To facilitate indigenous DMM's that will serve as a model for recruiting, training and launching other DMM's in Africa.

Core Values

  • Faith

    Success is only explainable by the hand of God.

  • Simplicity

    Everyone understands it and can do it.

  • Sustainability

    It will continue without outside intervention.

  • Reproducibility

    It is easily reproducible.

  • Accountability

    We are ministering with integrity.

  • Entrusting

    We believe nationals can reach their culture for Christ.

  • Transformation

    We believe obedience of the Scriptures in conjunction with the work of the Holy Spirit transforms lives and communities.

  • Equipping

    On-site, On-going training.


Planting DMM's in oral cultures utilizing reproducible strategies for village entry, gospel presentation, discipleship, spiritual formation & leadership development. To teach all Christians God's heart for all peoples and about their responsibility to make disciples. Two tools we use Training Rural Trainers (TRT) and simple church three thirds groups (oral version).

(simple church three thirds groups - literate version)

Need oriented evangelism reaching out to the whole person in the name of Christ.

Sustainable and reproducible national led businesses that provide income for DMM's